Hello everyone!

We hope you are having a lovely day and tomorrow is Friday, yeih!!

Today we had a warm and lovely day here at Aqua room enjoying the sun.

Noah, Theo and Rory had lots of fun playing with the cars in the yard under the tree for a while.

In the meantime, Henry, Nicholas and Poppy had some quiet time reading some books at the reading corner. They were talking about the images in the book and what they thought the stories were about.

Today we started decorating Aqua’s Christmas tree!!!

First, children were invited to decorate their Christmas balls and make a handle with the pipe cleaners. They enjoyed this experience so much!! Some of them made one, some of the 2 and some of them didn’t want to stop at all! After they got their Christmas balls ready, they were invited to put their balls in the Christmas tree, taking and waiting for their turn. At the end we finished our tree with some Christmas decorations, children were amazed showing their Christmas tree to everyone!!

I think we are all ready for Christmas!

We hope to see you all tomorrow with lots of energy to play and have some more fun.

Have a lovely evening.

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