What a wonderful and fun day we had today at the Aqua room. The children started their morning of in the garden exploring, climbing the tree and playing in the sandpit digging and scooping.

Cassidy enjoyed building a big tower with the blocks, when they fell down he soon built them back up again.

Violet enjoyed exploring the farm animals in their house.  She also showed how brave she has got when she climbed the tree in the garden.

The children displayed cognitive development when they sat on the walking beam and started to sing ‘’3 little monkeys jumping on the bed’’.

After group times and starting to sing our songs for our Christmas show, the children went to learning centre time.

They joined their friends in many fun activities. Some of the children sat at the Christmas tree and using thongs they placed the pom-pom balls onto the tree to decorate it. While participating in this activity the children’s fine motor skills are developing.

The children were also invited to make Christmas dough using 2 colours. Red and Green, it was beautiful and soft when it was completed. While participating in this activity the children are developing early mathematics, by counting the ingredients that go inside the bowl.

The children also had the opportunity to explore the Christmas sensory box with the rice inside. Alix really enjoyed scooping and finding different Christmas pictures inside. Participating in this activity is very good for the children’s social skills as they sit side by side at the table.

We also stuck different size Christmas trees. What a fun day we had.

We hope you had a nice day and a have a lovely evening.

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