What a fun day today in the Aqua room.

We went to the Crimson yard and took our spot on the mat and were super excited for the show. It was all about an inventor and his funny green caterpillar named Gismo, he was the inventor’s assistant and was always causing trouble.  To the group of children they present some not most successful inventions, but what Dr. Doovalacky’s really wanted was a friend.  So he sets out with Gismo to build a robot. They also created a special component that will give the robot feelings like a ‘’real’’ human. It was the children’s job to help the robot (Trinket) learn about feelings.

Trinket the Robot is a lively, funny, interactive puppet. It explores emotions and offers ways for children to understand different feelings using different colours.

After the show we returned to the Aqua room and became doctors. We helped our baby dolls feel better by giving them medicine. Quinn listened to Claire’s heart and told her ‘’you need medicine’’ ‘’your sick’’.

In the garden there was so much fun happening.

Claire mad some funny dance moves.

Remi showed us her expanding balancing skills while Henry pushed the tier using his coordinating skills.

Iris cooked up a storm. While Alegria kept Liza safe in the sun by putting her hat on.

The children made some amazing stars for our roof in the room.

It was a fun day at Aqua today and we hope you had a nice day also.

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