Good afternoon, everyone.

We have had an amazing day today.

It’s been warm and sunny outside, and children have been enjoying playing in the yard.

They had some sensory water play with sea animals and a pretending pool in a big trail where Alice, Maya, Molly and Remi had so much fun while refreshing a little bit.

They were splashing the water with their feet and inviting children to go inside their pool.

On the other table, Cassidy couldn’t take his hands off the blue water in the bowl. He started putting water all around his arms.

Teresia and Eliza enjoyed a little bit of shadow under the tree while they climbed it and reached the top.

Using their gross motor skills, children did some physical activity jumping, crawling, rolling the wheel and running in a mini obstacle course made by them! They shared their turns and waited so nicely.

India and Alix also did some fun activities going up and down in the seesaw.

Just next to all the jumping, Maya and Sophia were making some cooking in the cubby house. Sophia pretended to be a customer and was asking Maya for cupcakes.

Children also had so much fun indoors. Billy, Ethan, Noah, Theo, and Cassidy read some stories books by themselves and to each other, they pointed some of the pictures in the books and said out loud what they thought the book was about.

Practicing their fine motor skills, Pasha, Remi, Charlotte, and Ethan played with the locks so many times. They even helped each other when they didn’t know how to do it.

It has been a lovely day here at Aqua room and for sure we’ll have an amazing day tomorrow as well.

Have a lovely evening everybody!

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