Hello, Crimson families.  Only 23 days until Christmas! In the morning, Nicky, Dominic, Ava-Rose, Charlotte and Lily helped Amol to assemble and decorate the Christmas tree.

Because Christmas is just around the corner, the children were very very busy practising songs for the Christmas concert. Today we split into two groups and practised different songs. Each group made recordings and watched afterwards.

After that, children spent learning centre time on the deck and in the yard. Constructing play is always a big hit in Crimson room. Today, Evelyn and Alexia were making animal lands. Whereas, Leo was building a super tall tower! Arda and Viraj were building the same construction with magnetic tiles. Arda led Viraj and taught him construction techniques. On the other table, Liam showed great patience as he cut up the fruit/food and packed them into the lunch box.  In the yard, children engaged in physical exercise. It was so busy in the cubby house. A lot of children enjoyed climbing, sliding down the slide and having a little rest in the cubby house.

Have a wonderful afternoon everyone! See you tomorrow.



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