Welcome Crimson Families.

By looking at the weather today children had a perfect start to their early morning with physical play in the yard and sandpit. During morning tea, we discussed today’s activities and children provided their opinion on creating learning activities.

The News Time started with Jack A bringing his robotic toy and explained about its functions. Elliot also showed pictures of his fallen tooth. Eve brought the lunch box and started preparing herself for school activities. Max showed his walkie talkie and explained that it helps to communicate even from far away.

Platypus group participated in making reindeers for Santa. They were using hands-on experience through paints to create imaginative reindeers. Also, a group of children participated in kitchen play of making food for Santa and constructive play through legos, mobilos and magnets.

Kookaburras and possums were engaged in deck play with Christmas tree making with popsicles. Children cut popsicles in small shapes and arranged them in ascending orders. The activity also involved using glitters and stars. For constructive play, children made a special house using magnets and put man-shaped statues inside it. The constructive play has communication and group play among children.

The learning centre time was followed by water play in the sandpit. Children made swimming pools, tunnels and castles using wet sand. Afterwards, children went to the yard to quick run before lunch. In the yard, children made their own team to play soccer and rugby. All children had a wonderful day.

Thank You and Have a Nice Weekend. See you next week!

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