It’s Thursday here in the Emerald room and the children have had another fantastic day exploring the indoor and outdoor environments and joining in with fun learning experiences!

The children loved their group times today! They sat down with Cindy to explore her new toys! The children sit, engaged and listening to Cindy as they watch and play with her exciting toys that play music and move around. The children are learning to take turns and share together, as well as learning how to interact socially with adults and peers!

Sandra led our yoga session this morning and the children were super excited to show off some of the moves and poses that they have been learning! They also did a really good job at showing Sandra where their different body parts are! Through yoga, the children are learning more about their bodies and their spatial awareness 😊

Everyone has had such a fun day playing together and independently! The children built tall towers with the wooden blocks, dug in the sand pit, got messy in the tray with foam and sea animals and used magnetic shapes to make patterns and more shapes on the floor! Well done every one 😊

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