Happy Monday!

After so many days of rain children had the opportunity to enjoy the sun and warm weather.

This morning, the children started with a free play. The children thoroughly enjoyed exploring the indoor and outdoor areas. Some of them enjoyed playing in the sand pit with trucks and buckets, drawing and practicing their fine motor skills, whilst others loved playing inside with sensory toys and moving their little bodies to familiar nursery rhymes.

During our learning centre, the children were invited to sit for group time with Jasmine and Durshi. There is no better way to develop and improve language and listening skills than with books and songs.

Yoga is a part of our daily morning routine and the children love to participate in it. Every day they learn how to relax and stretch their bodies with different yoga poses.

The children explored colours and textures when they made a yellow play dough. Some of them made some lovely shapes with the dough.

Pushing the cars down the balance beam is such a fun activity as well as very beneficial for children. Through this activity, children learn how to take turns, wait and follow instructions.

What a beautiful day we had today. 🙂

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