Happy Friday! 😊

What a lovely day to start with dancing. The children love dancing and singing their favorite nursery rhymes.

The children were invited to participate in different activities. Group time is very popular here in nursery. Our babies love to listen stories and songs performed by their teachers.

Group time is a great way to help children to develop their listening and language skills. It also allows them to share their thoughts and ideas with their peers.

In our centre, we teach the children about healthy living through eating habits and exercise. Yoga increases children’s body awareness and mindfulness, enhances their concentration and memory and develops their strength and flexibility. They love stretching their bodies and showing off their moves on the mat.

Some of the children enjoyed sand pit play with the trucks, buckets, and spades.

Warm days are always tempting for a water play. Such a fun and beneficial activity for children.

Jasmine always brings some fun activities and today wasn’t any different. Our older children had the opportunity to polish their motor skills by stacking and picking the balls into and from the eggshell carton.

Have a good weekend everybody! 😊

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