Hello, Crimson families.  Monday is here and it is only 19 days until Christmas!


In the morning, we gathered on the mat and had a group time together. We talked about what we did over the weekend. Most of the children said they spent time with family and friends, but some said they went Christmas shopping. Seems like everyone is so busy preparing for Christmas. We are no exception – we are busy preparing for our Christmas concert! Today we all practised songs include Continent song, We are Australian, and Pepeha.


After, we were split into two groups and spent the Learning Centre.

In the room, a group of children listened to the story about Christmas. When Shoko asked ‘What do you need to celebrate Christmas?’, children answered ‘Presents!’, and ‘Christmas tree!’. So children decided to decollate felt Christmas tree.


In the sandpit, a massive construction was taking place. Children used buckets, shovels and excavators to make rivers and mountains. When the water was poured into the river, everyone shouted with joy.


Have a wonderful afternoon everyone! See you tomorrow.


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