Hello, Crimson families. After such a hot day yesterday, it’s a bit chilly today…… Please take care of yourselves, everyone!


In the morning, we gathered on the mat and listened to our friend news. The topic for the rest of the year will be ‘CHRISTMAS’. All the children are encouraged to bring something related to Christmas! Today, Isabelle and Adeline came in front and showed us Christmassy things from home.


We then split into two groups and had a learning centre.

The group stayed inside the room was invited to draw Christmas trees. They looked at the pictures and used different types of pens to draw out colourful Christmas trees. On the mat, Archie, Max W, Max R, and Ryan collaboratively decollated a wooden Christmas tree. It was lovely to see that they arranged decollations carefully while discussing which decorations to put where.

On the deck, another group of children continued to create Christmas trees by weaving. Shona and Arya worked very intensively, paying close attention to their hands movement. On the other side of the table, Oscar W, Thomas and Belian enjoyed each other’s company and manipulating playdough. They used cookie cutters to make gingerbread men, Christmas trees, stars and Christmas stockings.

In the afternoon before the rain, the children enjoyed staying in the yard and had great fun!

Have a wonderful afternoon everyone! See you tomorrow.

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