Welcome Crimson Families.

In the morning we were ready for a rainy day with indoor activities, but the sun was back again shining on us. Children were excited to play in the yard and sandpit.

During News Time Jack brought his toy (airplane) from home. He also explained that his grandmother is due to get on a plane and come from England to see him and his family. Similarly, Liam brought his garden book from home. He said he has a similar garden at his house. Children were engaged in open-ended conversations with Jack and Liam. We also sang songs from the Christmas concert. Children learnt to use their body parts along with singing Christmas songs.

Gail has made a Christmas calendar with New Zealand’s signs and animals. Every morning children move dates towards Christmas. Children were also counting on how many days for holiday/Christmas.

Platypus groups were making Christmas trees using glitters and letters. A team of children were competing at mobilo area for constructive play. Edward, Nicky, Max, and Edward R were creating their own paper with maps on them. Children were choosing their own stamps and making their own creations.

Similarly, kookaburras and possums were involved in the sensory play of playdough. Children were dividing playdough into various parts using shapes of Christmas trees, letters and so on. A group of children were involved in constructive play with Legos and building blocks.

Ms Cheryl was part of the learning centre with her dancing routine. Children enjoyed a little bit of jump and dance steps in the yard.

Ms Paula came in the afternoon for the Fit and Funky activity. Ms Paula organized a team and engaged children in racing, jumping, hopping, and dancing.

Kruti was a special guest to explain the graduation ceremony for school leavers. She explained how we will organize this special event on graduation day. Children were providing their feedbacks to Kruti’s plan.

All children had a wonderful day learning, playing, and dancing.

Thank You. See you tomorrow!




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