Tuesday is here! The children have enjoyed themselves today by joining in with different arts and crafts and learning more about Christmas 😊

During group time, the children sat down with Cindy to play with her toys. Together, they sang songs and took turns. In Sandra’s group time, the children sang the welcome song and gave each other high fives! They read books and sang songs using puppets and other visual aids.

Everyone had so much fun doing yoga with Affa! They were so helpful when setting up and packing away the mats. Yoga is a great way to engage the children in physical exercise where they can learn how to move their bodies and develop gross motor skills and balance.

Today, the children enjoyed decorating Christmas bells with paint and glitter … because what’s Christmas without a bit of glitter? They used their fine motor skills to manipulate the paintbrushes and sprinkle on the glitter!

We also had fun making Santa hats! The children used white paint to decorate the red hats whilst discussing what Santa wears!

What a fantastic day we have had! During free play, the children played with play dough, played in the sand pit, explored the yard and danced their little socks off! 😊

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