Welcome back to Wednesday! The children have enjoyed group time, play dough, bubbles and dancing throughout the day 😊

Today in our group times, the children have been reading lots of different books! Today we read ‘Baby Owls’, ‘The Little Engine That Could’, ‘Where is the Green Sheep’ and our ‘Animal Encyclopaedia’! The children love to sit down and listen to story after story! They engage with the illustrations and point out familiar objects or animals that they can see. Reading with children is a great way to promote speech, language and literacy skills!

Today we painted a reindeer! The children used brown paint to paint their reindeer and talked a lot about Christmas, Santa and what the reindeer’s job is! We’ve started singing ‘Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer’ too!

The children had a lot of fun today exercising their motor skills! For gross motor, the children participated in yoga, dancing and popping bubbles 😊 and for fine motor, the children explored play dough and cookie cutters, painting and block play.

It was a lovely day!

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