Good Morning Magenta families and welcome to the first day of December here with us. What a great day we have had setting up our room for the festive season ahead and singing our festive Christmas songs.

For group time we have begun a new Christmas Carrol called ” An Aussy Christmas” and we are picking up the words very quickly. this is such a great opportunity to introduce some new vocabulary in a fun and creative way.

For learning center time today we played “Christmas Pudding” where we count our the numbers of the Christmas puddings and match them u to the same number cards.  This is a great way to introduce sequence numbering and mathematical thinking for the late stages of theses building blocks.

Some of our other activities today were outdoor drawing where we were drawing sprawling artworks with large spaces to use large gross motor arm movements. large building blocks, leggo, home corner which we will be soon turning into Santa’s Workshop as this has been seen to be the direction of the children’s play, gardening and caring for our growing plants. Tima also brought in some parsley and basil so we will be watching as these plants begin to grow throughout the warmer months. We also had small reading groups and discussion groups chatting about how we can decorate the room for the holidays and also we had a turn on the little mini rider as we zipped around the garden and took turns with each other.

What a great way to start the December festive season. See you all tomorrow for another fun day filled with laughter and learning.

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