Happy Thursday Magenta families and hope you are enjoying your week so far.

Today we had a lovely start to the week with some morning tea and some Christmas instrumental music to get us in the festive spirit.

The children have been discussing among themselves the Christmas stories we have begun to read and this is a wonderful opportunity to discuss how children around the world celebrate different festivals.

For group time we read the story “ 6 White Boomers” which is a story about 6 old grandpa kangaroos who’s fur has turned a silver white colour like Santa’s beard and how they are helping the young joey find her mummy who is somewhere in the Australian outback. Together they fly off to find her.

For learning center activities today we made our own Santa sleigh that can travel across the sky looking for kangaroos and helping them find their families.

Some of our other activities today were outdoor reading tent, seashells and ducks in the little shallow pond, building blocks, Christmas drawings to put around our Christmas tree, taking care of our garden plants that are growing, sand tray and magnet blocks.

What a great day we have had and see you all tomorrow.

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