Good Morning everyone and happy Monday to you all. ‘Hope you had a lovely weekend and are ready to start your week.

We started the day off by setting up some of our self select activities which offer us an opportunity to further strengthen our belonging to our Magenta group and work on our language opportunities discussing with our friends what types of activities we can set up for the morning.

Today we also had fit and funky kids arrive for our gross motor activity.  We ventured over to the large garden and participated in running, jumping and movement activities and had a wonderful time engaging with the exciting music and movements.

For group time we read the story “Twas the night before Christmas” and talked about how the children in the story are looking for Santa Clause but he only comes when we are sleeping so he stays quiet and magical.  We have also been practicing our Christmas songs.

Isla: Santa can walk on his tip toes and put the presents under the Christmas tree like a quiet Santa.

Charlie: Santa has to be so quiet so he doesn’t get caught by the chidden.

Henry: Santa is so quiet you don’t even hear him coming down the chimney with all the presents.

Some of out other activities today were magic sand to further strengthen out fine motor muscles in our fingers and hands, large building blocks, Santa’s workshop, drawing, matching cards, Christmas playdough, Christmas fine motor painting and outdoor camping imaginative play.

What a great day and see you all tomorrow,

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