Hi magenta families and welcome to Wednesday

Today we had a great start to our day setting up our room and welcoming our friends as they arrive. It’s so wonderful to see all the wonderful friendships the children have made and as they welcome everyone with such sweet smiles on their faces.

Today Justin and Shane arrived with their science activities and today we made delicious chocolate ice cream. We watched as they showed us the ingredients and then we helped add them to the mixing bowl and watched as the machine stirred up all the ingredients. We chatted about how a liquid can change to a solid when it cools down and freezes and we also talked about how we will be putting this ice cream into the freezer to freeze over night.

We also chopped up some chocolate to add in some crunch with Tima helping us.

Some of our other activities today were Christmas tree making, sand activities, a venture over to Crimson for transition, home corner, outdoor garden group games to promote turn taking and Christmas concert dancing and singing.

What a great day we have had, hope you all get home safely from the storm that is predicted for this evening and see you all tomorrow.

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