It has been a very busy day in the Aqua room today. We have done an amazing job with our songs for the concert. The children had so much fun recording them. We have still a few groups to go so all children are involved and have the opportunity to sing their songs.

The children continue with their daily routine as well while we take turns to record the concert.

Jack and Chelsea had a lovely morning exploring together. It was so cute seeing them holding hands.

Some of the children enjoyed time making dough with Alejandra and then when it was made they enjoyed manipulating.

The children enjoyed making some puzzles, their cognitive skills shined through when they manipulated the piece into the right spot.

The children enjoyed pretend play, they love to be the Moms and mind the dolls.

The children enjoyed exploring the Christmas table with the tree and the crib.

We also sat with Donna and looked at Annabel’s photos in her book.

The car corner was popular today, the children made amazing roads with the large blocks and pushed the cars on them. Cassidy made a wonderful ramp for them.

We had water play and washed the babies and each other hahaha!

What a fun day we had today.

We hope you had a lovely day also.

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