Happy Friday!

What a fun day we had today. We enjoyed beautiful weather and various activities.

The nursery children love group times where they can sing and listen their favorite stories. Group times allow children to develop and improve their social skills as well as concentration and active listening skills.

Later on, the children had the opportunity to participate in Friday yoga session with Ekta and Affa. With the music and little bit of help from their teachers, the children stretched their little bodies and relaxed their busy minds.

They were also invited to participate in different activities. Easel painting is a messy but very popular activity as the children get to hold the brush, learn how to make marks and explore their imagination.

Some children decided to express their imagination by drawing on the cardboard with crayons.

So many sensory activities are happening at the moment and the most popular is sand pit. Our babies just love to sit there and play with diggers and tools.

The younger ones are enjoying exploring our nursery room and making some friendships.

Have a good weekend! 🙂

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