What a beautiful day. The children have worked so hard to complete the Christmas Concerts and we have almost all done, one more tomorrow to go. The teachers and I in the Aqua room are super proud of what they have accomplished. It is quite difficult to remember all the songs and moves together, but they did a super job. Well done to all the Aqua children.

Today we played in the garden with some water play. We scooped and poured, and we also washed our dolls inside the bath.

Lots of water play, the children explored under the sea water play also. With sharks, mermaids, and seashells inside they enjoyed exploring.

We also had a super big drawing paper which Donna stuck to the table. Claire and Quinn were first to join in and Claire even helped her doll colour.

Alice and Sophia E enjoyed quiet time in the room with some puzzles. They display good cognitive skills as they remember where each piece goes, manipulating it into place.

Elizabeth enjoyed some sand play, while her twin sister climbed the tree and so did Teresia.

Playdough and sand play are many of the activities the children enjoy, today they turned the dough into Christmas trees.

After Lunch we all lay on our mats and had some mediation time. Mediation is a really good way for our nonsleepers to come their bodies and minds. It helps them self-regulate and mange stress.

We had a wonderful day today and hope you did too. Have a nice evening.

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