Good afternoon Magenta families and welcome to this hot Tuesday.

Today to start off the day we chatted about how the sun is great for our planet to make the plants grow big and strong but we need to protect our skin from the sun rays and that’s why we put on sunscreen multiple times a day and always wear our hat outside. We also did some morning sun yoga with poses such as the drifting clouds, stretching sun rays and ball of sun. Its so great to add variety to our morning yoga routine and keep pour bodies strong and healthy.

For group time today we continued on with the children’s interest in Christmas and drawing our picture letters to Santa to tell him about the wonderful activities we like to do at Day care and who is in our family.

We also read the story ….. and chatted about what the word Christmas means to us.

Alannah: I think of reindeer and a Christmas tree.

Charlie: I think of Santa and his reindeer in the sky

Henry: Ad I think if lots of presents under the Christmas tree from Santa when you are fast asleep

Georgia: And Santa can fly on the roof and come down the chimney

Levi: and Santa has bells on his sleigh to make the Christmas jingle bells song

Some of our other activities today were home corner Santa shop where we are making so many wonderful toys to share with our friends. Christmas collage, playdough, Large group painting outdoors in the garden, mini sand pit and ;large building blocks where we built Santa’s sleigh.

What a great day and see you all tomorrow.

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