Happy Wednesday everyone and hope you are enjoying your week so far.

Today we have had a great relaxing morning tea with some activities and some morning yoga. We also spent some time over in the Crimson room in small groups for our transition experience and what a great time we are having. It’s so lovely to see all the smiling faces as they explore their new room and this is such a great time to strengthen friendships and we were so excited to spend the morning with lots of friendly faces.

For group activities today we did some painting and matching the letters of our names.

Some of our other activities today were mini sandpit and trucks, Christmas drawing and group collage with glitter and stickers, letter writing to Santa, playdough and magic sand as well as home corner which has turned into Santa’s toy shop and bakery where we have been baking lots of Christmas treats for all our friends.

What a great day we are having and can’t wait to see you all tomorrow.

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