Thursday is here! The children have enjoyed another warm day with lots of fun activities to participate in 😊

The children love to join in with different group times in the morning! Recently, the children have been learning to Alphabet with Affa. They are slowly learning which letter is the first letter of their name by associating it with the images on the Alphabet mat! They are also learning the letters of their educators too! Well done everyone 😊

This morning, the children joined in with yoga with Affa and Bernice! They were so excited and had so much fun exercising their gross motor skills and moving their bodies. We love to sit down and put our feet together to make a beautiful butterfly pose!

Today, the children enjoyed painting together during a group painting experience! They used loofahs to dip into the paint and stamp onto the cardboard. The loofahs are a fun texture to explore and a lot different to our usual tools!

What a day! The children played in the water to cool down in the afternoon, they used the kitchen set to cook dinner for everyone and they had fun jumping off the balance beam together pretending to be cheeky monkeys!

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