Happy Monday Magenta Families and hope this week leading up to your Christmas break is a good one. We are looking forward to spending so  much time this week playing Christmas games and celebrating the upcoming holiday.

This morning we spent some time in Crimson as well as inside in the air conditioning hiding away from the heat.

Our Crimson visits are coming along nicely and we are having such a wonderful time exploring our way through our activities and experiences.  The children are all confidently exploring their learning spaces and moving around the room with ease.  Today we had gift box wrapping extending our fine motor skills, we had ginger bread playdough that smelt like cookies to practice our fine motor manipulations of pulling, pushing and scrunching the play dough getting our fingers working. Doll house, kitchen cooking, rocket ships, large sandpit play, garden obstacle course and climbing house.

We also had a little group time and talked about how the crimson room works and how we are all such wonderful learners and how exciting Crimson is going to be next year.

once the heat left the day we ventured our for some outside building and a little garden play in the cool afternoon air,

What a lovely day we have had and see you all tomorrow for another hot Tuesday,

and just a little reminder to bring you hats as the weather has been forecast to be a hot one for the next few days.

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