Hello, Crimson families. Monday is here again. Time flies, don’t you think?


Today, we have some special visitors in Burns bay cottage. Guess who? Santa Clause and elf!!!! The name of the incursion was ‘Meet the Santa Clause.’. First, we met elf and his friends turtle, monkey and snake. We sang Christmas songs and danced to dance music together. And then finally, we met Santa Clause. He asked us if we want a Christmas present, we said YES! He asked us if we have been good boys and girls, we said YES! He asked us what do we want for Christmas presents, each of us answered ‘Transformer’, ‘Ninjya Lego’, ‘Unicorn’, ‘Barbie doll’, or ‘Bicycle’.


After Santa Clause went to his next destination (he said he is going to New Zealand next), we spent learning centre time on the deck.

On the art table, a group of children were drawing Christmas presents they wants. Jeffrey looked at the picture and drew a fire engine transformer. Joshan drew a treasure map and he explained ‘I want to have a treasure map because I want to find a treasure box!’. Ava and Laura enjoyed the company of playing with dress-up dolls. It was a very good exercise to refine their fine motor skills and coordination skills as it requires fine finger movements.


In the afternoon, we celebrated Laura’s birthday. We sang a happy birthday song together and clapped our hands five times as she will be five years old. Thanks for bringing the delicious cupcakes, Laura!!!!!



Have a wonderful afternoon everyone! See you tomorrow.



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