Happy Tuesday Magenta Families and welcome to another hot day with us,

Today was a very special day for us as we celebrated Charlies big 4th Birthday. Thank you for spending the day with us Charlie and we are so happy and joyful to be sharing your special day with you. After we sang Happy birthday and gave Charlie 4 big claps Charlie showed us what he brought in, …. and it was some chocolate Santa elves to share with everyone to celebrate his 4th Birthday.  And that was so kind.

Happy Birthday Charlie and hope you have had a great day celebrating with us.

To start the day off we did some Christmas yoga and then took turns venturing over to the crimson yard for our visit and we explored our way through the activities and experiences.

Today we had a felt Christmas tree, magnetic building blocks, doll house was popular, kitchen, and drawing and craft, playdough, fire station and painting.

We also did some Christmas singing for our friends and talked about how many sleeps until Santa arrives.

What a fun and busy day we have had and see you all tomorrow for another fun filled day of activities and experiences.


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