Hello, Crimson families. Christmas is only 10 days away!!! Is everyone ready for Christmas? In the Crimson room, we have been busy practising for the Christmas Concert. Singing Christmas songs helps us to get into the spirit of Christmas!!!


At news time, children came in front with their Christmassy things from home and talked about them. Today, Arya, Edward, Liam, Jeffrey, Eddie, Belian, Imri, and Isabelle stood in front of everyone and explained what they had brought and answered questions from the other children.

After that, during the learning centre time, we worked in two groups, one on the deck and one in the room.

A group of children who stayed in the room practised their fine motor skills by cutting out stars, wrapping presents, and manipulating playdough.


Another group of children who went out on the deck engaged in a group art project. Each child stamped their handprint on a large piece of paper. When they were brushing paint onto their hands they giggled and said “that tickles”.


Have a wonderful afternoon everyone! See you tomorrow.


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