Hello, Crimson families. Christmas is only 9 days away!!!


In the morning, we practised for the Christmas concert. After that, it was time for the performance! We recorded in front of the camera. All the children did their best to sing loudly, but also to remember the action.


Then, we spent our learning centre time in two groups.

In the room, a group of children made cards for Santa clause. They drew a picture of what they wanted as a present. Jack A worked very hard and drew a picture of a rocket ship egg. He then wrote his name with the help of his educator. When he had finished, he looked very proud and liked the card very much. Arya drew a painting statue; Shona drew a doll.

On the deck, another group of children painted Christmas pictures and Christmas trees. Jack D used both hands to hold two pens and made his Christmas tree so colourful. Lily and Maddison sat together and drew reindeers and snowflakes. They did not forget to paint one reindeer’s nose RED!

Ms Cheryl came to dance class too. Children enjoyed dancing to various Christmas songs!

Elliot found himself in the mirror. He showed great curiosity and was looking and touching the mirror a lot!


Have a wonderful afternoon everyone! See you tomorrow.

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