Hello, Crimson families. Christmas is only 5 days away!!! I can’t believe it’s Christmas this weekend! Santa, his reindeer and elves (and mums and dads too!) must be super busy right now.


In the morning, children gathered on the mat and talked about our weekend. Some children said they went to see Santa and took photos with him, others said they went to the beach as it was extremely hot! After that, we made a few recordings for the Christmas concert. I hope you all like it.


After that, children spent learning centre time.

On the art table, children painted paper rolls to make shakers. They used various colours; some children even mix colours to make new ones. We are waiting for the paint to dry and will finish the shaker tomorrow with the filling. Thomas and Teos enjoyed manipulating playdough. They used the cookie cutter to make some Christmas cookies and cupcakes.


Following learning centre time, children headed to the yard. The children used a variety of equipment to design an obstacle course. They had a lot of fun rearranging and swapping the layout of it.



Have a wonderful afternoon everyone! See you tomorrow.


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