Hello, Crimson families. Christmas is only 4 days away!!! And Today was a Big day for school leavers. We held a graduation ceremony.


From morning, school leavers practised a lot for the graduation ceremony. They sang songs together and reminded actions, and rehearsed how they would enter and how the ceremony would proceed.

Once that was over, they joined the children who were not attending the graduation ceremony for a learning centre.

On the deck, the children continued to make shakers. They used various pens to draw pictures on paper rolls and put dried beans inside. We also filled the shakers we made yesterday as the paint was dry. The children all enjoyed shaking them as they made a very nice sound.

In the room, another group of children engaged in various activities. They enjoyed decollating small houses with Christmas decollations or making Christmas cookies with playdough.

At 5 o’clock the graduation ceremony took place. We are so proud of all the school leavers how confident they were to enter, stand in front of a large audience, sing beautifully and receive their certificates. Well done!

From all the educators in the Crimson Room, we send our thanks to all the families who attended and our congratulations to the children who have graduated.

Have a wonderful afternoon everyone! See you tomorrow.

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