Hello, Crimson families. Christmas is only 3 days away!!! And Today was another Big Day! We welcomed someone very special. Guess who? SANTA CLAUSE!!!!!


When they heard the bell, the children were very excited and awaited his arrival. And finally, we met Santa! He sat down on the sofa and asked the children a number of questions. The children answered the questions cheerfully! And Santa gave the children presents. He also took a photo with them. What a lovely morning we had!!!



After Santa had left the room, we had our usual learning centre time. Children engaged in various activities. Their favourite activities were Christmas related ones. And of course, construction play.

After lunchtime, we had more special visitors. Our science teachers; Justin and Sean. They brought chocolate ice cream that we made in the science class the other day. It was cold, sweet and so good!



Have a wonderful afternoon everyone! See you tomorrow.

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