Happy New Year and welcome back Crimson families. We hope 2022 brings you lots of love, laughter, and joy!!!!


We were so happy to see our friends and educators. We talked about the Christmas presents we got from Santa Claus. Some people got transformers, some got Barbie dolls, some got bicycles, some got Spiderman and Superman toys, some got cars. It seems like everyone got what they wanted!


Today, we welcomed more friends from the Magenta room. We are familiar with them as they started transitioning last year. But it was nice to spend the whole day with them, playing, eating and meditating together!


At learning centre time, we started with group time. All the children gathered on the mat and talked about Crimson rules. With the help of older children, the educator read out the rules one by one such as Using walking feet inside, or Be kind to each other. After, we stayed in the room and on the deck since it was very very hot! At first, the children from the Magenta room did not play together very much with the children from the Crimson room, but as time went on, they began to mix and play the same activities. It was lovely to see the transition children settling in so well to their new environment!!!


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