Welcome Crimson Families. Today is Friday which made children excited about their weekend plans.

In morning group time, we discussed plans for the weekend and also keeping each other safe by wearing masks and following hygiene practices.

The group of children who goes to big school stayed with us and were involved in different learning experiences. It was great to see a combination of younger children and older children in the same learning experiences. The activity involved open-ended questioning with each other.

The morning started with hand painting where children drew their own hand picture on a piece of paper. Children were free to choose any colour to make their handprints.

The activity was followed by puzzles of trees and leaves. Children used their cognitive skills to match the puzzles.

The constructive play was a shining part of today through magnets, Legos, and square blocks. Children were creating beautiful creations using their creativity skills. The play involved collaborative learning as well as the parallel engagement of children. The play also involved creating train tracks and driving trains on those tracks. Children built bridges, traffic lights and a parking station for the train.

After the learning centre children were engaged in sandpit play to complete their kitchen creation. A group of children created their own restaurant in the sandpit and allowed everybody to eat there for free.

All children gathered in the yard for group play where we divided each other into different groups and played hide and seek.


Thank you for a lovely week! Have a wonderful weekend everyone!!


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