Welcome Crimson families. Children were excited for their second day of the week. We were discussing lots of ideas about organizing different learning spaces indoor and outdoor. Children set up a learning environment in the morning with the help of educators.

In group time, we discussed the rapid spread of coronavirus and its preventive measures. Children were aware of wearing masks while going to shops, supermarkets or anywhere outside the house. We also discussed actions for hygiene practices such as covering the mouth while sneezing and proper handwashing techniques.

A group of children were engaged in the doll world. They created their own world with dolls and dressed them as their will. They also had masks, injections, and milk bottles for any kind of emergencies. A group of girls were collaboratively engaged in doll play.

The constructive play was really a high-interest activity for today. Children were involved in construction through blocks, magnets, and Legos. They investigated different ideas and used their imagination to build their own creations.

The drawing table was full for the entire day as children were engaged in creating their own art using textures and crayons.

In the yard, children were super excited to feed guinea pig with bamboo leaves. They were gentle and fed the guinea pig by taking turns. Also, children were active while playing in the cubby house, monkey bars, and balance beams.


Have a wonderful afternoon everyone. See you tomorrow.



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