Welcome Crimson Families.  From early morning children were excited about today’s activities in the crimson room.

In morning group time, children discussed the things they did at home with their families. Charlotte explained how a butterfly came into her house. Today, Tima followed up with that activity through magic sand and wild animals.

Jeffrey and Arda were engaged in constructive play with magnets, and they were making flying rockets in the spaceship. Baveen also joined them and created his own space for his Rocketship.

Shoko was engaged with hand printing activities for children. Isabelle, Jack was the first one to create their hand impression on a piece of paper. The handprint activity was followed by Saige making unicorn paintings in different colours.

Leo, Luca and Arda were engaged in social play with legos. They shared their ideas and creativity on creating a broad ship during the rainy season. Isla and Olivia were engaged in connecting beads into the strings. They were using colour patterns to connect them and tied them at the end.

After the learning centre, the whole group of children went to the yard for physical exercises. In the yard, children were engaged in team play for chase and run, also monkey bar play and cubby house. Additionally, children tried to take turns in the cubby house to climb up and get down.

The restaurant in the sandpit was open again and a group of children were able to give pretend food to customers.

Elliot was looking incredibly happy engaging in the outdoor play. He engaged himself with other children in the cubby house.

Throughout the day, children were engaged in physical, emotional, social, cognitive, and social development with different play and learning experiences. We had a wonderful day today.


Have a wonderful afternoon everyone. See you tomorrow.


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