Today, the nursery children started their day with dancing along to the nursery rhymes. Today ‘The Wheels on the Bus’ was very popular as children got to use props for the actions.

Learning centre is always fun for our children as their teachers prepare so many different activities. Today was no different. We started with the group time. The children got to sing songs with Cindy in different languages. They were invited to explore Cindy’s treasure basket. The basket promotes curiosity and a natural desire to investigate and think, which are wonderful skills to be seeking to develop in babies!

In the other yard, the children had the opportunity to polish their fine motor skills. Jasmine has made a box with the holes and gave each child few straws and invited them to push them through. They were so concentrated doing this fun activity.

The older children were invited to have a play with the foam. Playing with shaving foam is a lovely sensory play activity. It provides children with the opportunity to make marks, develop fine motor skills and build strength in their fingers and hands.

The children were happy to explore the nursery room. Our youngest ones were enjoying making their first steps with the walker, others loved looking through the books, playing with the puzzles, drawing and matching shapes.

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