What a lovely day we had today. It is so beautiful to see the children so settled and engaged.

What a better way to start our day then with yoga. The Emerald children love practicing yoga poses. Yoga in children develops flexibility, encourages postural control and increases body awareness.

During the learning centre, the children were invited to sit for a group time with their teachers. We read books, sang songs, and played with the props.

Australia Day is approaching, and the children were introduced to the Australian flag and boomerangs. Lots of painting and sticking was happening today as we are preparing for this day. Some of them used paintbrushes, some sticks and some just fingers. 😊

The children have also continued to create beautiful firework displays to celebrate the New Year with paint and glitter!

No matter what we use, chalk or crayon, on the paper or cardboard, drawing is very popular with the children. And while drawing may seem like play, it really does help build different skills.

While children are drawing, they are also improving their motor skills by learning how to grasp a writing utensil. Changing between markers, crayons, chalk and other pens or pencils helps little ones to control objects of different lengths and widths.

Today was a very warm day so the children got to enjoy water and sand play, two natural resources for sensory play. Lots of splashing was happening and building with the sand.  😊

See you all tomorrow! 😊

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