It’s Wednesday! The children have had a lovely day and have enjoyed participating in lots of different activities throughout the day 😊

We like to begin each day with group time! A chance to sit down in a small group and share meaningful conversations and interactions with each other. The children love to read books with their educators and sing songs too!

With Australia Day fast approaching, the children have been learning about animals that are native to Australia and today we talked a lot about kangaroos! The children loved sitting down to join in with a painting activity to decorate a kangaroo!

We have also been learning about our Australian flag! Today the children were given the tools to create their own flags using blue paint, red pieces of paper and white stars!

The children had so much fun playing with our blue playdough today! They used their hands and fingers to mould and manipulate the dough. They explored it by poking, pressing and squeezing it and they enjoyed using different shaped cutters to make shapes!

We gave Marshmallow some lovely cuddles today and talked about the different food that she likes to eat!

What a lovely day! The children have enjoyed showing off their construction skills by building tall towers and digging in the sandpit 😊

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