What a wonderful day we had. It is so nice to see children engaged in many activities.

With Afroz, children had a chance to hear the stories and engage in sensory experience with felt board. They were also encouraged to share their knowledge of colours and shapes.

So many different types of circle times we had, some with books, some with the singing whilst the others were with props. No matter what sort of circle times children are having the main thing is that they are gaining a lot from it. It helps them to enjoy learning, develop new friendships and strengthens relationships between teachers and the class.

Nursery children love playdough. They love to squeeze, poke and smell it as well as guess the colours. Besides of hours of countless fun for kids, they are so many other benefits. Some of them are, playdough encourages creativity, enhances hand-eye coordination, improves social skills and promotes playtime.

During the free time play, children mainly enjoyed playing on the jungle gym, climbing, sliding down the slippery dip and improving their gross motor skills throughout the play.

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