What a beautiful day we had today and to help the children deal with the heat we did lots of water play.

Poppy enjoyed putting her feet into the water to cool her toes down. Some of the other children watch her and decide to stand in it to.

Claire brought some wonderful stamps to the Aqua group this morning and she displayed amazing empathy development as she shared with her friends.

Noah and Theodore really enjoyed the stamps and made many prints on the paper.

Annabel and Elizabeth enjoyed each other’s company today and made calls to their parents on the phone.

Tilly became a monkey and giggled in the tree.

The garden was the place to be today, with many activities happening the children had lots of fun.

Welcome to lovely Isla from the Emerald room. She was very happy and settled. She really enjoyed exploring all areas, she especially enjoyed the large blocks and putting them together.

We hope you enjoyed your day and have a very nice evening.

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