Happy Friday! Today has been a lovely way to end the week 😊 A warm day with lots of fun activities to join in with!

During group time, the children sat down with Afroz, Jasmine and Belma to listen to stories, read books and play games! Everyone wants to be a part of Jasmine’s group time as they love to spend time with her and share meaningful interactions with her!


Today, we exercised our gross motor skills in a different way! The children used their gross motor skills to reach up high and post coloured balls through the tube to and watched it come out the other end! The children loved to work out how the balls move and used the balance beam to roll the balls down. Together, we talked about the different colours and expanded our vocabulary too!

The play dough has been a big hit this week and the children have loved to manipulate and mould the dough into different shapes and pretended it was food! We made ice creams, cookies, pizzas and so much more!

We have been doing some shape recognition and shape matching today! The children sat down to look at the different shapes and matched them on the paper. We’ve been talking about circles, triangles, squares and other basic shapes for the children to start to recognise and they can add the words to their growing vocabularies!

We have enjoyed our day with some water play, cooking, sand play and block play 😊

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