Hello everyone, almost the end of the week!!

Today we have a really hot day so we enjoyed most of our day playing with water, water and more water haha.

To start our lovely morning, Sally brought baby Annabel to Aqua room. Eliza and Matilda have been taking so much care of their baby sister. They are so excited about it!!

We had some fairies flying around Aqua room today. Isla and Poppy were matching dressing up as fairies, they were around the room showing their wings to everyone. They are just so cute!

At the home corner, Theo, Jack and Noah decided to make some yummy breakfast. Noah was eating chocolate and asked Jack to bring him more and more. Theo was eating cake and candies, he shared with Noah because Jack didn’t give any cake to Noah haha.

Children participated in group times with Carolina, Komal and Alejandra. They read some story books, sang some song and most important talked about the importance of wearing hats and using sunscreen in a sunny day. Alejandra talked about the ways of saying hello to others, and why is always important to show our manners.

It was really really hot, so we decided to do some activities with ice!! We tried to melt the ice and find what was hiding inside them. Noah, Theo, Maddie, Poppy, Henry, Chloe, Eliza and Rupert did an amazing job finding little animals inside the ice!

In the yard, children were making their own hand fans to cool off a little during the day. They had so much fun during this activity and carried their hand fans around the room for the day.

We had an awesome day full of fun and water, it’s starting to feel like summer!

Hope you all have a nice evening and see you tomorrow!

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