Welcome Crimson Families. It is Friday which means children were excited to end another week with their favourite learning activities in the Crimson Room.

During the morning routine, children discussed their weekend plans at home and staying safe using masks if they go outside of their houses. We also talked about hygiene practices such as washing hands for 20 seconds and covering the mouth while sneezing or coughing.

In the News Time, Jack brought his sloth from the shop. Isla invited everybody to her birthday party by drawing on a piece of paper. Poppy bought her favourite toy from grandma which she brought from the post office. Emmeline L was excited to show her dress from her sister.


The learning centre was set up in indoor and outdoor spaces. Isabelle, Emmeline L, and Elise were engaged in the home corner with building a hospital with toys. Nishka and Sara were creating their artistic view about the characters of the book.

The constructive play was improved using plastic tracks to run trains as well as cars. Leo and Isaac were involved in making their car racetrack which was later joined by Nicky. Daniel was creating a beautiful experience through the construction of houses with children. They created houses in different locations and put babies inside them.

Thomas D was engaged in creating wildlife whereas Max and Nicky were busy creating their wildlife with magic sand and dinosaurs.

The learning centre was followed by sandpit play where children continued with their restaurant project of free food to everybody. Isla, Isabelle L, Olivia set up a sandpit area with plastic plates and spoons for everybody to eat. Thomas and Nicky were digging in the sandpit to get wet sand out from the bottom.

Just before lunch, children knew that it was to play in the yard. We went to the yard with soccer balls to organize a team and play but the children were too excited to go in the cubby house and climbing frame.

After meditation time, we had amazing water play where children made bubbles using soapy water. We had a wonderful Friday.


From next week we highly encourage parents to send some News with children to increase their communication skills and build confidence in their public speaking skills.


Thank You and Have a Nice Weekend.


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