Hello, Crimson families.

Thursday is here! In the morning before morning tea, each child chose and enjoyed an activity based on their own interests. Leo, Thomas HP, Luca, and Levi had a fun time with table football game while Shona, Elise, Georgia, Saige and Isla were busy drawing.

In the morning group time, we all gathered on the mat and played a fun game. After that, we separated into two small groups and had a learning centre time.

Inside the room, a group of children took part in a card game with Arturo. The children used their memory skills and visual discrimination skills to try this game. In the end, all the children managed to collect all the cards they could find.

On the deck, another group of children listened very very well while Alejandra was reading books about animals, cars and numbers. All the children were confident to answer questions and were able to count each object in the book.


On the construction table, Henry and Olivia collaboratively built shelters for animals. They were so proud when they made triangles using square magnetic tiles.

Isla, Elise, Georgia and Adeline were busy taking care of babies in the tent. They were feeding baby food and milk to their babies and putting them to sleep. Good job girls!

Max W and Jack enjoyed each other’s company with spaceships and space cars. Because there were no astronauts, they decided to used superheroes instead.


Thank you for the fun Thursday. See you tomorrow!


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