Welcome to another busy and fun week in Emerald!

Today our little ones had the opportunity to enjoy many fun and educational activities.

As usual, we started with dancing. The children enjoyed moving their little bodies along to familiar tunes. They also included props for ‘Wheels on the bus’.

Later, during the learning centre, they were invited to sit on the mat with their peers and teachers to sing and read their favourite books.

Using simple yoga breathing, poses, and relaxation techniques as a part of the children’s daily life, can help plant the seeds for a lifetime of health and wellness. Yoga can support your child’s development in five ways: physically, mentally, emotionally, socially, and cognitively. So, here in nursery we are encouraging our little ones to join in with yoga sessions every day.

As a part of the upcoming Australia Day activities, the children were busy making an Aboriginal flag. They were encouraged to do a collage with red, yellow and black paper.

In the other yard, as a part of Aboriginal culture, the children were enjoying painting with the sticks as well as making patterns in the sand with the sticks.

Our youngest ones were exploring our nursery room, where they were playing with the different toys, poking and rolling playdough, making sandcastles and making sounds with the dinosaurs.

It is so beautiful to see children so engaged in activities as well as having a fun.


Please could you send a lovely family photo to burnsbaycottageeelc@gmail.com with a little bit of information about your family’s background and culture for our new Family Wall World Map Display!

We can’t wait to learn more about you!

Many thanks,

The Emerald Team

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