Hello! Welcome back after a mid-week holiday! The weather has been lovely and the children have enjoyed spending their day outside and learning about sun safety by putting on sunscreen and finding their hats!

We had some fun group times with our educators this morning where the children joined in with different social interactions, listening to stories and talking about what they did yesterday!

We warmed up our bodies with some yoga this morning! The children showed off their jumping skills and did some big stretches to get their little bodies moving. We worked on our balance by practicing different animal poses!

The children have been learning all about Chinese New Year! This year it’s the year of the tiger! Today, the children had fun painting and decorating a traditional Chinese fan to learn more about Chinese culture and traditions. Through these different activities, the children can broaden their understanding of the world around them 😊

The children were having a look at the Animal Encyclopaedia today to decide what animal they wanted to decorate! They decided on a beautiful butterfly and used coloured paper to decorate it’s wings!

We have very much enjoyed our day together in the Emerald room! The children have spent their day exploring the sand pit, role playing with babies and drawing on the chalk boards.

See you tomorrow!

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