What a beautiful day in Aqua room today.

The children love placing their Yoga mats in the morning and do some stretching exercise with their friends. Stretching up to the sky to spreading hands, spot jogging and becoming aeroplanes are one of our favourite warm up activity.

The Aqua group children are also becoming artistic as they love to experiment with different colours. We add some interest and challenge in their experience by providing them with different kinds of paint brushes. Don’t forget to stop by to see their amazing art works.

During the group times, children showed age-appropriate concentration and attention skills. They also showed their excitement to answer questions during the story time.

Puzzle plays as well as getting their hands wet with waterplay were two activities on demand. Latching and unlocking the doors on the puzzle board not only polished their fine motor skills but also refine their patience. On the other hand, feeling wet and cold-water sooth their sensory needs whilst vibrant coloured balls aids into their visual skills.

The children loved their time imitating and role modelling in the home corner and the day went happily ever after.

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