It is the end of the First week in January already. The weeks go quickly when we are having so much fun.  They have been enjoying time in the learning area as well as the outdoor area.

Starting the morning of the children enjoyed outdoor time, Claire, Sophia Barletta, Alix and Alegria laughed with each other while singing different songs.

Isabel was busy in playing in the cubby house, while Molly and Isla showed their large gross motor control while climbing the tree.

Some showed off their physical skills by sliding, balancing themselves in walking steps and walk boards.

It was also lovely to see Claire, Sophia, Iris, Alegria and Molly showing their love and care towards jungle animals.

In learning centre, children enjoyed listening to Carolina’s books where Isla was really a good helper for her teacher. With Alejandra, children learnt Spanish by naming the toys from the given box.

Alessia was really engaged in doing some gross motor activities. Whereas Rupert, molly and Isla were showing some care towards farm animals by feeding them some leaves.

Some of the children had lots of fun doing Yoga with Carolina on their respective mats.

What a super fun Friday we had in Aqua today! Have a wonderful weekend and stay safe..

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