Yet another exciting day began in Aqua room today.

Starting with interactive group times, the children are showing consistent improvements in their increased attention span and ability to answer open ended questions. They are learning to share their views and listen to the views of others as well.

With the feather boards, the children focused well on placing feathers into tiny holes and polished their eye-hand coordination.

Children also enjoyed playing with train set. They rolled the trains keeping them onto the tracks and cherished each other’s company.

Playing with sea creatures and shells in the blue water was a busy activity and that most of the children spent some time interacting with these materials. Activities like this will enhance their creativity, imagination as well as allows them to transfer their knowledge form one context to another.

Children also had fun engaging with the dinosaur figurines today. There were two sets of play mats for children to play with them that they pretended as – grassy land and black play mat as a burned land due to volcano eruption. It was amazing to watch children associate what they saw in the story books whilst playing.

Yoga and stretching time were as usual fun. We started with a small group of children and ended up with most of the children joining in. Today’s yoga session ended up with the song, ‘Walking through the jungle’…

For the pre-writing activities, the children were provided with drawing as well as play dough. They loved spending time with these.

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